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For the 2021 season, FOUR known competition hosts will join together to form a yearlong championship points series spanning from southern California to southern Nevada. All shooters, affiliated with a club or not are welcome to participate in this series. The series will consist of 46 competition events, 4 per month, as shooters make a run for the Best of the West™ title. Participating shooters must attend a minimum of 10 sanctioned competitions, 3 of which must be attended outside your home club/range to qualify for an official score and ranking at the end of the series.  Each participating shooter must attend one sanctioned match at three of the four participating venues over the course of the season.

Dates & Locations:

2nd Saturday of each Month • Los Angeles, CA (California Tactical Academy) – Piru
3rd Saturday of each Month• Las Vegas, NV (Sin City PRC) – Desert Sportsman’s
4th Saturday of each Month • Victorville, CA (Max Ordinate) – Private Facility
4th Sunday of each Month • San Diego, CA (SDPRC) – Pala Range
*** Exceptions will be granted when match dates conflict with life or holidays
Division Breakdowns:
Primary Divisions:
• Open Division (.30cal and below, Speed Limit 3200fps)
• Classic Division (.223Rem / .308Win, Speed Limit 3200fps)
• Top Amateur
• Top Gasser (Semi-Auto)
• Top Lady (Born a female)
• LE / MIL Division (Active Law Enforcement or Military)
• Top Youth (16 y/o and under)
***Except for the end of series points tally, each Sub-Division must have a minimum of 2 shooters in that class to be awarded a trophy or recognition for that match achievement.
Skill Classifications:
The intent behind the skill classifications is not to award a trophy to everyone but to simply challenge the Pro-Class shooters on a higher level and close the gap between Pro’s and AM’s without making the course of fire to difficult for new shooters or easy for pro shooters. 
Professional Class – Will shoot with a reduced stage time of 25% (round up to the nearest time divisible by 5) from the Amateur class. i.e. the stage calls for 120 seconds, Pro-Class shooters will be reduced to 90 seconds. Pro’s will be timed via shot timers and be held to .25 seconds grace period for shot after the buzzer.
Pro Class determination criteria:
Qualified when any of the following criteria have been met:
1) "Top 25" Placement in two national level competitive events (PRS / NRL / CD)
2) Three or more "Top 5" placements at any Best of the West™ Sanctioned event or any previous local one day matches.
3) One or more wins at any Best of the West™ Sanctioned event or any previous local one day matches.
Amateur Class – Will shoot with the prescribed stage time with no changes to the stage rules or description. AM shooters will be timed via a stop watch set for the required time and will not be held to the .25 shot-after-buzzer standard. All shots taken near the buzzer will count (reasonably close, not 5 seconds after the buzzer! The stage or squad RO will have discretion)
Youth Class - Will shoot with the prescribed stage beginning in the start position with an additional 30 sec time with no changes to the stage description. Youth shooters will be timed via a stopwatch set for the required time and will not be held to the .25 shot-after-buzzer standard. All youth shooters will shooter their final shot after the buzzer if the round had been chambered prior to time expiring. Youth division is 16 and under. 
Scoring & Ranking:
Scoring for the Best of the West™ series will be conducted using a Percentage Value Scoring + Placement Value Scoring / 2 = Single match score.
For Example: Shooter 1 wins the match with a score of 66 and will receive 100 pts for percentage value scoring and 100 pts for placement value scoring equaling 200 then dividing by 2 giving shooter 1 a total of 100 points for their match score. Shooter two places 2nd with a score of 60 at which point they will receive 91 percentage value points and 99 placement value points equaling 190 then dividing by 2 giving shooter 2 a total of 95 points for their single match score.
Shooters will accumulate many scores throughout the season but only their top 10 scores, 3 of which are required from venues outside of their home range, additionally 3 of the 4 venues must be experienced at least once, for their final score and ranking. Final score will be the sum of each shooters top 10 accumulated scores divided by 10 to achieve the shooters final season average points score.
Percentage Value Scoring Formula:
Match winners score ÷ individual match score = Individual Percentage Value match score
Placement Value Scoring Formula:
Match Winner = 100
2nd place = 99
3rd place = 98
4th place = 97
5th place = 96 and so on…
Awards & Accolades:
Every match the series will recognize these Best of the West™ Division placements & Sub-Division Achievements:
Open: 1st 2nd 3rd
Classic: 1st
Top Amateur
Top Gasser
Top Lady
Top Youth
Match Conduct & Rules:
Best of the West™ Match Conduct:
Match Directors will have full control of their matches to include rules, stage designs, time, etc. The series will have set rules to attempt to maintain each match is viewed in a similar light and difficulty. These rules will be
  1. Each Best in the West™ sanctioned match will have a minimum 8 stages or minimum 60 round count, either or.
  2. Minimum 50% of the stages for each Best in the West™ sanctioned match must call for all gear to be deployed on the clock i.e. Tripod & Bipods.
  3. All Match DQ will be represented as a ZERO on the scoring spreadsheet.
  4. All Best in the West™ sanctioned matches must incorporate a “Tie Breaker” stage utilizing time as the separator.  
  5. The nature of the series is ultimately shooter development, improvement, and the ability to gauge where a shooter compares each year amongst the field of south western shooters. Match Directors may allow shooters to register two match slots per match if the shooter so desires but in order to keep the integrity of the series, the shooter may only register one officially scored slot. The official registration rifle must be used first for each stage. Example: A shooter registers for both Open and Classic Divisions. The shooter opts to be scored officially as a Classic shooter. For each stage of this particular match, the shooter must conduct the stage first with his Classic registered rifle.
  6. Pro-Class shooters will be visually identifiable via rifle tag, bracelet, etc. to signal Best in the West™ Pro-Class and shorter run time is needed
  7. Best in the West™ sanctioned matches must host a minimum of 16 competitive shooters.
  8. In the event that a Best in the West™ sanctioned match cannot meet the minimum overall shooters needed, the match may count for points, but final scores will be an adjusted scoring format of -10% of the Percentage Value Score, but not the Placement Value Score.
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