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New for 2021!
The Best of the West competition series is a joint effort between Desert Duel by Max Ordinate Academy in Apple Valley, CA • Sin City Precision Rifle Club of Las Vegas, NV • California Tactical Academy from Piru, CA • and San Diego Precision Rifle Club (SDPRC) from Pala, California to bring a competitive year long series to the southwestern United States. With each club responsible for a specific day each month, shooters will have no problems finding a day or weekend to travel a short distance for a good time, friendly atmosphere, and a chance to compete and test their skills.
For the 2021 season, FOUR known competition hosts will join together to form a yearlong championship points series spanning from southern California to southern Nevada. All shooters, affiliated with a club or not are welcome to participate in this series. The series will consist of 46 competition events, 4 per month, as shooters make a run for the Best of the West™ title. Participating shooters must attend a minimum of 10 sanctioned competitions, 3 of which must be attended outside your home club/range to qualify for an official score and ranking at the end of the series.  Each participating shooter must attend one sanctioned match at three of the four participating venues over the course of the season.
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